COVID-19 Update 

In an effort to be proactive during these challenging times we wish to inform you that the Hermitage Veterinary Hospital will be changing to a “team scheduling” model effective Sunday April 5, 2020. 

 With our current staff schedule, if one of our staff members is diagnosed with COVID-19, it would result in complete closure of the Hermitage Veterinary Hospital for a number of weeks. By changing to a “team schedule” model, the Hospital will provide pet care with two different teams of staff members working on different days. 

Under the “team schedule” plan, should a member from one of the two teams be diagnosed with COVID-19, the staff members on that team would be required to self-isolate.  The remaining staff members on the alternate team would still be available to care for the needs of you and your pets.   

 In order to facilitate this change it will require a change in the hours of operation at Hermitage Veterinary Hospital.  Effective April 5, 2020 the new Hours of Operation will be:    

 Monday 8-6

 Tuesday 10-8

Wednesday 10-8

 Thursday 8-6

 Friday 8-6

 Saturday & Sunday 10-3  

 Please note that if you currently have an appointment booked, given the changes effective April 5, 2020, we may be in contact with you to reschedule your appointment.  

This “team scheduling” approach will remain in place until the risk of COVID-19 is reduced and the Government’s policy of social isolation is downgraded or removed. At that time we will transition back to our regular schedule of operation.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 780-476-7558 or send an email to 

From our Hermitage family to yours we hope you, your family, and pets continue to remain healthy and safe. 

Hermitage Veterinary Hospital

has Fear Free Certified Professionals

In an effort to help lower stress on our visitors (and their owners!) we have made a few changes around the hospital. This includes:

  • Cat only exam room.

  • Adaptil or Feliway diffusers in each room to dispense pheromones to help calm your pet.

  • Fear Free certified staff. To learn more about this certification, please visit

  • Our reception waiting area has been partitioned off into a dog only area and cat only area. This is to help reduce the stress cats can get from being around dogs in an already unfamiliar location.

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  • "I'm so glad someone else loves this place, too! My husband has been taking his animals here for 35 years and when I married into the family, I started bringing our pets here, too. They take the time to get to know you and your pet! We have 4 cats - 3 with special needs that are rescue cats that require special diets and medication."