Fear Free

Do you dread bringing your terrified dog to the vet? Does your cat see you bring out the carrier and immediately put up a struggle? Here at Hermitage Veterinary Hospital, we are trying to alleviate your woes by making your pet's visit (and ultimately yours) even better. We are currently working towards certifying our veterinarians and technicians in a "Fear Free" program to help lessen your animal's stress when they come to the vet. 

"Fear Free" is a program developed by Dr. Marty Becker that consists of several online learning modules. It promotes less confining restraint techniques and utilizes a variety of methods to help reduce your pet's anxiety and fear when they come in for a visit. For example, you will see an Adaptil or Feliway diffuser in each of our exam rooms. These secrete a pheromone that your pet can sense that helps keep them calm. You may also notice we have made some changes to our exam tables; we now have non-slip mats on these surfaces so that your pet can be more comfortable. Did you know that your dog doesn't always like tight hugs? They often back off from more confining restraint. The "Fear Free" method recommends using a lot of food based rewards to make a veterinary visit more comfortable for your pet. We don't want to forget our feline friends either! We have a "cat only" exam room and waiting area in our clinic to improve your cat's experience. 

We currently have the majority of our staff certified. We are very proud of the changes we are making here at Hermitage Veterinary Hospital and we hope to improve your pet's overall veterinary experience. This can help to ensure that everyone remains comfortable and calm.

To learn more about our efforts and what it means to be certified "Fear Free" please visit www.fearfreepets.com.


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  • "I'm so glad someone else loves this place, too! My husband has been taking his animals here for 35 years and when I married into the family, I started bringing our pets here, too. They take the time to get to know you and your pet! We have 4 cats - 3 with special needs that are rescue cats that require special diets and medication."