Meet Our Team

Meet Hermitage Veterinary Hospital's Veterinarians

Hermitage Veterinary Hospital's veterinary team is comprised of a dedicated group of professionals consisting of 9 veterinarians and 20 support staff.

  • Dr. Kim Romanufa

    After graduating from high school Kim went to the University of Alberta where she went through
    a few majors and a few career choices before finally deciding on Veterinary Medicine.
    In 1995, she graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation she
    started at the Hermitage Veterinary Hospital in Edmonton where she is currently a partner and
    continues to practice.

    Hermitage Veterinary Hospital encourages its staff to be involved in both their community and
    profession. As a result she served 10 years on the Practice Inspection Practice Standards
    committee and 3 years on the ABVMA Council before becoming President. She also acted as
    the Council representative to the Animal Welfare Committee and ABVTA Board of Directors.
    Despite the fact she's had the same home base for most of her life, she has a passion for
    adventure and travel. Kim routinely signs up for some off beat exercise class or event. Some go
    well like paddle boarding, some not so well like circus school.

    She also routinely goes to the Dominican where she combines her love for the water and Vet
    Med. She spends her mornings at Spay, Neuter and Wellness clinics and her afternoons
    attempting to KiteSurf. In addition to her addiction to water she loves crazy races and
    completed the Near Death Marathon in 2016. These experiences always provide a source of
    fun and laughter that counterbalance the demands of the veterinary profession.

    Having a significant other in the military has been a challenge. Currently Kim spends part of her
    time in Kingston, where her partner Diego is stationed. Although a challenge it's also been an
    opportunity to explore another part of Canada and spent more time with her sister Keri in

    Kim is looking forward to her next adventure as President of the ABVMA and invites all its
    members to share her passion for the profession.

  • Dr. Letitia Chow

    Dr. Chow graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. She then completed an internship at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery in 2011. She is a past board member and president of the Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians.

  • Dr. Aaron Howard

    Dr. Howard graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. She has been with Hermitage since 2007.

  • Dr. Kate Boddington

    Dr. Boddington has a BSc in Agriculture from the University of Alberta and graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013 with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. After a few years practicing in Newfoundland, Dr. Boddington moved back to her home province of Alberta. She has a special interest in small animal neurology and Intervertebral Disk Disease. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding ,reading and having fun with her four crazy Dachshunds.

  • Dr.
    Kayla Bilsborrow

    Kayla graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016, and joined the Hermitage team in 2019.  She has a particular interest in the areas of behaviour, dermatology, wellness and dentistry.  She aims to make all of her patients (and their families) as happy and stress-free as possible, and is commonly seen rolling on the floor with her patients.  When not at work, Kayla enjoys using her skill set to give back through with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour, and a variety of other veterinary organizations.  She (finally) married her boyfriend of 13 years in 2019, and they live with their only furry child Mackenzie on an acreage outside of Spruce Grove.

  • Dr. Ted Purcell

    Retired - Hermitage Veterinary Hospital 1982-2020

    You can continue to watch Dr. Purcell every Wednesday at 8:45 am on Global News Edmonton with his segment 'Adopt a Pet'. In partnership with the Edmonton Humane Society.

Meet the Registered Veterinary Technologists

Registered Veterinary Technologists have a broad knowledge of animal science, medicine, animal husbandry, and pharmacology. They also have the ability to restrain animals, complete clinical laboratory tests, administer and monitor animals under anesthesia, assist in surgery, and perform dental procedures. 

  • Kim

    Kim graduated from the RVT program from NAIT in 1999. She has been with HVH since 2003. She is very excited in starting her new position as RVT team leader. She is a proud owner of a English bulldog named Kia, and loves spending her extra time with her daughter Hadley.

  • Jessica

    Jessica first started at our hospital in 2011 as a kennel tech and has been an animal health technologist since 2016. She has one dog (Newt) and two cats (Bella and Cleo). In her spare time she enjoys walking her dog and working on a weight loss plan for her kitty.

  • Nadine

    Nadine graduated from the Animal Health Technology Program at NAIT in 2013 and has since enjoyed watching the bond between pets and their humans grow. She is the proud human to three geriatric dogs. In her spare time she loves hanging out at the dog park, camping, reading and dancing.

  • Amy B

    Amy graduated from NAIT Animal Health Technology in 1994 and joined our team at Hermitage Veterinary Hospital in 2010. You can always find this proud soccer mom at the pitch watching her two teens play competitive soccer or at the local field with her husband and two bulldogs 'Joop and Lulu'.

  • Tammy

    Tammy graduated from NAIT in 2006 with a diploma in animal health technology. She joined the Hermitage Veterinary Hospital in 2012. Tammy currently has no pets at home,so she pet sits instead.

  • Nicole

    Nicole graduated from NAIT in 2013 and has worked at Hermitage ever since. She has quite a few pets of her own including 4 cats, 2 dogs, and a horse. In her spare time she enjoys reading, riding her horse, and showing in jumping competitions.

Meet the Pet Care Specialists & Support Staff

Pet Care Specialists (Reception) are the customer-relations experts in a veterinary practice. These staff members are responsible for greeting clients, differentiating routine cases from emergency cases, and scheduling appointments. If you have any questions, these ladies can help.

  • Gina

    I have been working at Hermitage Veterinary Hospital for just over 14 years, the first 8 years I worked as a Client Care Specialist, then in 2012 I transitioned to my current position as bookkeeper. I have 2 cats at home, “JJ Beans” and “Dusty Tails”, I also have a 10 year old son who keeps me busy when I’m not at work!! I very much enjoy working at HVH, we have a terrific team of caring, compassionate and funny people!!

  • Kari

    Kari originally graduated as a Medical Office Secretary from Grant MacEwan but was lucky enough to start work in a Veterinary Practice. She has been at the Hermitage Veterinary Hospital since November 2000. Always ready to give the pets a snuggle and a treat she tries to create a positive and fear-free environment so that the pets are excited to come and visit us. Kari loves her job and hopes that shows in her enthusiasm when dealing with the clients and the pets. She also has a scrub top obsession and we are pretty sure she has one for every day of the year.

  • Ceri

    Ceri has been with Hermitage as a Nutritional Consultant since 2008. Her work days are spent helping owners to achieve and maintain their pet’s healthiest body condition, as well as being the hospital’s muscle, slinging bags of food around all day. In her spare time she loves trotting along the Blackfoot trail with her horse, Ramsey. At home she has her husband Ken, her cat and Heinz 57 dog, Chilli Dog to keep her busy.

  • Jennifer P.

    Jennifer has been working at the Hermitage Veterinary Hospital since 2007 as a client care specialist. She is the proud mom to 4 fur babies as well as her 4 year old son who keeps her busy. In her spare time she enjoys camping with her family at her parents campground and reading.


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  • "I'm so glad someone else loves this place, too! My husband has been taking his animals here for 35 years and when I married into the family, I started bringing our pets here, too. They take the time to get to know you and your pet! We have 4 cats - 3 with special needs that are rescue cats that require special diets and medication."