Veterinary Resources

Animal Care & Control Centre & Edmonton Humane Society

Learn more about the Animal Care & Control Centre here. The Edmonton Humane Society is responsible for helping pets and finding new homes for them.

Pets in Edmonton - Information for residents about pet laws in our city that is useful to both pet owners and everyone else.

Pet Licences - All cats and dogs six months or older must have a valid pet licence. Pet licences are affordable and available online.

Lost Pets - If you have lost or found a pet, we can help.

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA)

The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association is responsible for ensuring that all veterinarians in the province are qualified to practice veterinary medicine. The primary mandate of the Association is to ensure that the public is receiving quality veterinary service. This is accomplished through a number of initiatives with the following areas of focus:

  • Reviewing the academic, personal and ethical qualifications of all veterinarians applying for a license to practice in Alberta.
  • Requiring that veterinarians continually upgrade their skills by attending a minimum number of continuing education sessions each year.
  • Inspecting all veterinary clinics in the province to ensure they meet or exceed ABVMA standards.
  • Providing a process for the resolution of complaints by intervening and investigating complaints lodged against the conduct or skills of Alberta veterinarians.

Should you like to contact the ABVMA regarding a veterinary matter, please visit their website here to receive contact information.


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  • "I'm so glad someone else loves this place, too! My husband has been taking his animals here for 35 years and when I married into the family, I started bringing our pets here, too. They take the time to get to know you and your pet! We have 4 cats - 3 with special needs that are rescue cats that require special diets and medication."